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5 Ways to Change How You View Your Body

Posted by Diane Bealer on

5 Ways to Change How You View Your Body

How many of you struggle to have a positive body image? I'm not even talking about LOVING your body. I'm saying how many of US struggle to LIKE our bodies? Or even see ANYTHING good in them? I've been there. Just like many of you I have been ruthless to my body. Not with physical abuse per se, but with emotional and verbal abuse. I've had bad thoughts about my body, I've told it I hate it, I've said negative things about it. It's hard to stop. Even when I started realizing how much I needed to stop. Constantly being negative about my body was hard on me, my mind, and my body, but that isn't all, it was hard on my husband and my kids!

If I want my children to think positively about their amazing bodies, I can't always be tearing mine down. Here are 5 things I've tried to implement in my life that have helped me improve my body image. Maybe they can help you too!

#1 Positive Affirmations

POSITIVE affirmations are self affirming sayings or mantras that you can repeat to yourself. The key for me is to use them in place of all the negative things I am used to telling myself. When we tell ourselves something over and over again the more likely we are to actually believe it. This goes for negative as well as positive things so be CAREFUL when you are talking to yourself about your body or mind, keep it POSITIVE. Start small and work towards more positive thoughts. 

Now, please don't lie to yourself. For example, Don't start with "I Love Myself" a hundred times a day when that's not true. Start with something like "I can accept myself for who I am." or "It's ok for my body to be a work in progress"

I've posted affirmations on my mirror, I've said affirmations to myself during discouraging times, or just on a daily basis. Affirmations have helped me to accept things I can't change and work harder on things I can. 

What are some of your favorite Positive Affirmations?


#2 Take Care of your BODY

When your body is a priority and you take time to TREAT it well, you will understand more what your body needs and meet those needs better. When you show your body respect and love, you will develop a better relationship with your body. When our bodies are worn down and pushed way passed our limits we don't have the energy we need to take care of those around us. When we take care of ourselves we can better do all the things that are asked of us. 

There are so many ways to take care of your body. Here are some of my favorites. 



Detox Baths

Baths in general




Healthy Sexual Relationships

#3 Set and Meet Goals

This is one of my favorite ways to change my thinking about my body. When we set a goal and secretly don't think we can do it, but then WE DO! We can tell ourselves how great we did, we can remember the things we have accomplished during discouraging times. When we are feeling down or weak or discouraged we can say "Hey! Remember that time we ____________, we are so strong. We can do this!"

If your petrified of failure, start small. Work up to bigger goals. But don't be afraid to dream and chase those dreams. 

Wanna run  a marathon? Start with a walk around the block. Work your way to a 5K. Then a 10K. Then do a half marathon. Then another half Marathon. Then start training for a full marathon. YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!


#4 Ask for Affirmations From Others

One of the best ways to pull yourselves out of the trenches and start thinking positively about your body is to ask for help from someone you trust. Your spouse, best friend, mom, sister, neighbor or buddy. Ask them to help you see the good in yourself. Ask them to help you find positive affirmations to say to yourself. You could tell them some about them too and make it a trade. 

 #5 Pray and Ask For Help From Above

Now, some of you may not be religious, by we might as well get this out of the way. We here at Everyday Eden are very religious ladies.We believe that we have a loving, kind Heavenly Father (God), who not only cares about us and created our bodies uniquely for us, but He wants us to succeed. He wants YOU to succeed and to appreciate your body for the incredible master piece that it is. 

If you are struggling to see the good in your masterpiece of a body ask your creator to help you. HE WILL LISTEN. He may not answer in the way you expect, but He will help you to see the beautiful, strong, masterpiece you are. YOU are so many wonderful things. If you don't believe me, that's ok, but ask HIM that made you and please believe Him, let HIM show you your greatness and strength. 

We love you. Here at Everyday Eden we want you to know that your size, hair color, weight, or any number of things describing your body do not define you. You get to choose how you see yourself. YOU GET TO CHOOSE. Choose well sweet friends. YOU ARE WORTH IT.


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