Fight for your Dreams

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This Saturday I will continue fighting for a dream of mine. I'm running a half marathon. It will be my 7th. What's my dream you say? It's not a specific number of half marathons. Although that would be an amazing goal. My dream is to be a runner. It's not a dream that can just be finished once and never worked on again. It's a dream that has to be continuously worked on. I get up 6 days a week at 5 am to work on my dreams. I do spiritual study and then I exercise. Usually a run.

It's never easy. 

Most of the time I just want to go back to bed. Sleep. It's glorious isn't it? But I want my dream more. 

I crave it. I can see my dreams in front of me just waiting for me to achieve them. 

I'll admit, I'm a dreamer. I have so many dreams. I've always been an optimistic person and so I can so often see the good in life and the possible, when others think it is impossible. 

I've wasn't a runner in High School. I was athletic, softball and basketball were the sports I loved and I still love them. I usually ran for training or as punishment with my teams. But once I graduated from High School and Sports weren't a part of my daily life I needed a way to stay in shape, so although I still played sports once in a while,  I started running, it helped me stay in shape. It helped me clear my head, It helped me relieve stress. 

It was hard. It still is most days. I struggled to get past the 3 mile stage for years. YEARS. I had four kids when I finally signed up for a 10k and then a half marathon. It was really hard. My body hurt. It takes a long time to run that far. But I did it. I loved it!

Running is now an addiction of sorts. I love the feeling it gives me. I love feeling better about life and about my body. It has taught me many things. Mostly about how amazing my body is. It's also given me friendships. SO many wonderful people I have met because I have run with them. 

Who knew my dream could ever give me so much? I merely wanted to be in shape and stay in shape and I have received so much more than that in return. 

I love myself more then I ever had. 

I love others and love to help them on their running journey. 

I crave being outside to exercise, even when it's dark or cold or wet. 

I get to see the world when most people are asleep. 

I appreciate exercise and how it helps my body. 

I never could have hope for a dream that would change my life like being a runner. 

What are you're dreams? What are you doing to chase them and achieve them? 

How can we help? You should go for your dreams? It will change your life!

Get up when you'd rather not. Work when no one else is. Strive daily for that goal or dream that will give you all you hope for. Go for it. 

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