Everyone at Eden

Diane, Heather and Sherilee are the owners and operators of Everyday Eden BoutiqueFormerly known as THE TAILORED MARKET this website and boutique will now be EVERYDAY EDEN BOUTIQUE. Heather, Sherilee and Diane, are the owners and operators of Everyday Eden Boutique. We love Kallie's vision for The Tailored Market. We love that she wanted everyone to feel comfortable with their own body and be able to find beautiful clothes to wear from her store. We hope you will find the same here at EVERYDAY EDEN. 
As we tried to figure out what to name our store, EVERYDAY EDEN was one of the suggestions on the list. We not only liked the sound of it but we also liked what it could mean for our everyday lives. EDEN means bliss or a place of contentment. We LOVE that we can look at our lives and find bliss, and contentment. Our lives don't have to be perfect, in fact they are probably far from it, but we can see the good, make blissful moments and seek contentment. As we do, we will find it. In EVERYDAY moments, EVERYDAY struggles, EVERYDAY life we can find EDEN.
Like many women we have struggled with our self esteem, self worth and body image through out our lives, we have struggled against the media perception of what our bodies should look like and struggled to be comfortable with what they actually look like. We have between the three of us 12 children. We know what pregnancy, nursing, lack of sleep can do to bodies. We know that stress eating, dieting, exercise aren't easy on our bodies or brains either. We are still working on having a healthy body image and are strengthening our resolve to be confident, beautiful and strong JUST AS WE ARE. We don't need to pretend we are something fictitious or fake to have a great life and love our bodies. 
You are beautiful
You are strong
Be You
Be confident
Find Eden inside yourself