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Fight for your Dreams

Get up when you'd rather not. Work when no one else is. Strive daily for that goal or dream that will give you all you hope for. Change your own life. 

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We have a daughter. She is going blind. She helps us to see.

We took her to her first eye appointment when she was about 3-4 years old and the optometrist examined her and agreed that she needed glasses for nearsightedness but did not believe us about night blindness. It just did not occur in children that young. It wasn't possible. This happened for 3-4 more years, every year we would go to the eye doctor and plead with them to do a more extensive exam, longing for some kind of answer. Every time it was the same thing. "Kids don't get night blindness this young". "You're worrying too much"

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Usually I just beat myself up with the mom guilt for a few days before trying to pull myself out of it. NOT TODAY! Why do we do this? Why? Why don't I just accept the fact that her ABC's have not been my priority?

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The List of things I know

The things I don't know can be troubling or frustrating or even motivating. But the "THINGS I KNOW" list brings me comfort, helps me reach higher, makes me want to be a better person (not just gain smarts) and I feel gives me more opportunities to empower myself and those around me. So in the past week as I have pondered these two very different lists, I've decided to focus on the list of things I know. Today I'm gonna share a few with you.

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