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All The Insecurities. ALL. OF. THEM.

Even with my excitement about trying to lose the weight I have to admit I was terrified to step on that court and play ball with those ladies. I really don't know why, I played ball in High school and loved it. I loved the friendships I built and the exercise I got, and the skills I improved. But to tell the truth, basketball brings out my insecurities. ALL. OF. THEM. 

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The Value of Connection

We hope to see you and hear from you in the moments when you do have time. When the more important things are quiet and taken care of. And we hope that not only we can help you and encourage you during this crazy life.....

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My Self Love Journey

I trained HARD for this race. Let's be completely honest. I was afraid of failing. I did not know for sure I could run a marathon and so I did everything I could to make sure my body would have what it takes to finish the race. I ate healthy. I cut out sugar. I ran. I did speed work. I ran. Then I ran some more. Experts recommend running 18-20 miles as your longest run a month before the race, I ran 22. OK so I wasn't just afraid of not finishing the race I was petrified. So to pacify my fears and conquer my goal I worked my tail off. (Quite literally)

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A New Shop and New Beginning

Everyday Eden was formerly known as The Tailored Market and was owned and Operated by Kallie Dalley. We are honored and grateful to have the opportunity to buy and run this shop. Kallie is a wonderful person and has impeccable taste! She worked hard at building a name for her business and we are so excited to start on this new adventure. Kallie needs time to take care of herself and her family and we wish her the best of luck. We hope someday she can reopen The Tailored Market and have the Health and Happiness we all would love for her.  We hope you all enjoy the new shop! Please let us know what you like and what you...

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