Diversity makes us FREE

Posted by Diane Bealer on

We live in a world divided. It seems every where you look opinion, laws, rights, religious beliefs, are tearing us apart. I live in the United States of America a country where since our humble beginnings we've been taught to question. Question the unfair, the unjust, question how to better our lives and the lives of others. 

Sometimes I look around and wonder why there is so much unrest, so many shouting that something isn't fair. Protests where thousands flock, participate and then turn around and go home, then schedule another protest or rally but  change isn't implemented. 

I personally am more of an observer than a participate in most things. I like to sit back, asses, analyze, then come up with a plan. I honestly don't know how to fix many of the problems that have arisen in our days. I can't solve everything that's unfair and unjust, and I certainly can't change the way people feel about those that are different them them. 

We were all born different. We were raised different. We should be grateful for our differences. Our differences are what make our towns, cities, states and countries so incredible. Our differences are what give us the potential for growth and strength. What really makes us strong is when we help one another and work together to make things happen. We are at our best when we cross the street, cross the lines that divide us and talk, serve, lift each other and make a difference. I have seen the power and strength that comes from looking at others with their differences and seeing potential, seeing common ground, and working to not overcome them, but to help others with them. 

This country doesn't have freedoms because we wanted everyone to be the same, It was because we wanted people to be themselves and saw the potential for the strength that could bring us. We can help another reach our potential, and help our country to do the same. 

The people in our country are what makes our country great. 

Happy Fourth of July everyone!


Photo by Josh Johnson on Unsplash

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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